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Here is the code for your homepage to make the guestbook work. Simply copy and paste it in. How easy can it get!

If you cannot copy and paste then you will need to add the code to the HTML code on your homepage. Save the contents to a file, print out this page or write it down carefully. You can also expect an email notification with this information as well. If you do not receive the email, that does not mean you are not registered, nor do you have to wait for an email to use the service.

The Code...

<!---start of code--->
<a href="">Sign My Guestbook</a>
<a href=""><img src="" height="31" width="87" border ="0" alt="Guestbook by GuestWorld"></a>
<a href="">View My Guestbook</a>
<!---end of code--->

Try out your guestbook here...

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This is how you are registered:

Guestbook Name: filipenses
Homepage: IBMSJ
Password: filip413
City: Santiago
State/Province: Santiago
Country: Chile
Keywords: Cristo,Dios,Perdon,salvacion,Iglesia,santo,fe,fé,esperanza

If you find something is incorrect, you can go to the TechCenter and move on to the utilities area to correct it.

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